Thursday, February 28, 2013

Batman and P.

Of the many new friends and company Ive been in Kenya, ( four legged and two, 12 inches to 6 feet in height, from chirp language to Aramhic,Korean and German)... two of them worry me, and amaze me.

P is a Special child. He is a lovely person, and a wonderful kid. Just that I am not very fond or comfortable with below 15 age group. Added to that, I cannot pretend to understand his situation. I find his condition is un-predicatble, and at the risk of sounding horrible, I am scared. I never know what will trigger of an angry fit, or a hissy sob fit. I never know what will make him happy. Worse, there is no trend to the physical translation of his anger/ joy/ irritation or whatever.
I really love him, though. He is as good as any other kid when he is happy.

Batman is this little female puppy. Born in some garbage dump, and weaned on backyard kitchen waste.
She is a darling, and wags not for a free bite, but for the sake of a little conversation, and a sniff...if not a lick.Batman was named thus by the local kids, who have an extremely high cool quotient.

Evertime I visit that neighborhood, Batman , finds me first, and dogs me, literally. When I make my way over to P, my stomach knots and my hands sweat. Like I said, I find P very unpredictable. And Batman is very little. I feel scared, for so many reasons.

Its amazing, though, how happy P is with Batman. How he whimpers, and touches her nonstop. He seems almost needy for animal touch. Which is a great thing.He seems calm, and happy, and safe in Batman's company. And Batman, seems happy to be able to nurture and give to P the attention he wants. In her own little puppy way.

What is greater, that Batman seems to sense both Ps neediness, and my fear. She moves not an inch away from P, but tells me with a look and a nose-nudge every 30 seconds, that she is ok, and I dont need to fear.
So P needs Batman, in a way no one else will comprehend or understand. Its his own private little therapy.
And through P, I become needy, too. For Batman to be safe.

And the only reason I truely love that snotty P, is becasue he is gentle to Batman. And that Batman feels good taking care of P.


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imonpurple said...

I love this story. And it makes me love you so.